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We want political freedom

TAGDit enhances our political freedom at work and at home. Our software lets you transfer votes to whomever or whatever you want. You can vote for people or for information.


Imagine if we could improve the economy and our quality of life just by enhancing our political freedom. With TAGDit, you can anonymously transfer a vote to anyone on the planet. This is political freedom. You have a say. You can be heard. You matter, whether at work or at home. TAGDit enables you to ask tough questions, to your work leader or community leader with anonymity…. and if you don’t know what to say or what to vote for, you can transfer your vote to someone that you trust.

TAGDit creates a simple, fast and collaborative way to have political freedom, create jobs, wealth and achieve dreams by giving you back your original rights and freedoms. We are politically free, and that’s the motivation for TAGDit.

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TAGDit is Freedom. It is your human right to vote, and rather than being forced to vote for one out of two bad choices, now you have the freedom to transfer your vote to any one of the billions of potential people who could best represent you.

Not only is TAGDit a mechanism for political liberty, but it is also a platform for the freedom of knowledge sharing within a group. TAGDit is a private database for groups where members can store, share and rank endless amounts of information in a transparent, fair and collaborative manner. It continuously grows, and as posts are added, updated and rated, the data is refined and prioritized through group voting. Relevant and high quality information can be easily found through the TAGDit search engine, making this centralized system a quick and simple way for groups to share and manage information. The analytics gathered through this process offer valuable insights that enable informed decision-making within the group.

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The Need for a New Social Agreement?
Social Capital, Proxy Voting and the Future of Participatory Democracy

This exciting and informative event will reach out to all of civil society to come and gain new insights and share ideas on taking democracy to a greater level of depth, exploring the notion of democratic voters having the right to delegate their votes to others (and to revoke said delegations), as they see fit.

True Democrats

Proxy Voting


Below are documents that discuss the formation of the True Democrats political party.

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The Social Agreement by Jode Himann


This book by Jode Himann on democracy as a social agreement, theoretically investigates potential outcomes to the improved democracy and at the same time argues for true political freedom. The notion of proxy voting is explored – the idea that democratic voters ought to have the right to delegate their votes to others (and to revoke said delegations), as they see fit. Click here to download the book.


Jode Himann, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

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Director of Business Development

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Chief Financial Officer

Simon Raby, Industrial Psychology Advisor

Industrial Psychology Advisor

Chris Alders, Political Advisor

Political Advisor

Samuel Reid, Applied Mathematics Advisor

Applied Mathematics Advisor

Stuart Torr


Hamed Taheri, Software Systems Specialist

Product Manager