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Our Team

We have an amazing brain trust at the heart of our organisation, each member brings enthusiasm as well as unique and diverse skills.

JODE HIMANNChief Executive Officer
Jode is a big thinker with a passion for physics, biology and math. In 2003 he started Nemalux, a leading-edge technology company who have done work for likes of NASA and Bombardier. He has won numerous innovation and entrepreneurship based awards including: Top 40 Under 40, The Outstanding Young Persons of Calgary, Future Leader of Tomorrow Award, Canada’s Hottest Innovative Companies Award, Alberta Export Award Nominee, Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Finalist and Alberta Export Award Nominee.
SAMUEL POGOSIANDirector of Business Development
With a strong background in Chemistry and Electronics from Berlin, Germany, Samuel has been focused on the development and implementation of advanced LED lighting solutions for the last seven years. His contribution has resulted in significant revenue growth, increased product portfolio, access to new market segments and strong cooperation with several major lighting Brands in North America and Europe. His ability to manage and support several internal teams and expertise in negotiating profitable partnerships have enabled him to become the CEO of Nemalux LED Lighting.
BRAD FINCARYKChief Financial Officer
Brad is a catalyst and an action oriented person. In 2003 he started Nemalux with Jode Himann, a leading edge technology company who have done work for likes of NASA and Bombardier. He has won numerous innovation and entrepreneurship based awards including: Canada’s Hottest Innovative Companies Award, Alberta Export Award Nominee, Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Finalist, Alberta Export Award Nominee.
HAMED TAHERIProduct Manager
Hamed is the key designer behind TAGDit, and is the product manager leading the development team. His passion is to build innovative products that empower businesses to achieve quality results at a faster speed and to utilize their collective intelligence for a more prosperous future. Since 2004, through the use of various technical means, he has worked with multi-disciplinary teams to help governments and private businesses turn complex problems into advantageous solutions. He currently works with a great innovative team at the intersection of science, technology and design to build tools that ensure insights and expert knowledge are captured, complex topics analyzed and conflicts resolved.
Stuart is the president of Integrated Sustainability, helping leadership define project life cycle requirements and realize their integrated impact in the development of projects. His focus is on selecting projects based on a suite of integrated external factors rather than purely on financial commitments. The challenge he undertakes is to engage the right blend of business management, technical specialists and environmental stewardship to maintain this big-picture philosophy throughout the project life cycle. Stuart is the recipient of the APEGA Summit Award (2004), 2015 Clean50 Honouree (2014), 2014 Small Business of the Year Award, Canadian Water Management Company of the Year (2015).
SIMON RABYIndustrial Psychology Advisor
Simon is educated to doctoral level and is an accredited and practicing coach, consultant and facilitator. He is the co-founder of “Business Improvement and Growth Associates” which focuses on supporting ambitious business owners to achieve success. Simon is also deputy director of an applied research centre (University of Kent), a visiting professor in entrepreneurship (University of Calgary) and serves on the board of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
CHRIS ALDERSSenior Policy Advisor
Chris Alders is a former broadcaster, journalist, publisher, and professional political organizer. He is currently a Senior Policy Adviser and Event Organizer for this project. A native of Nova Scotia, Chris holds three degrees in political science, two undergraduate from Acadia University and a graduate degree from Brock University. His Honours thesis focused on Political Leadership, and his graduate research project examined democratic inclusion and institutional questions. At age 14, he became the youngest Canadian sports broadcaster ever. Chris called hockey, baseball, football and boxing both on radio and television. He also wrote and edited for weekly, daily, and monthly publications. As a publisher, two of the novels he produced, became regional best-sellers. As a professional political organizer, he helped to found two provincial political parties in Maritime Canada, has worked on or run 37 campaigns, and just last year was a finalist in the running for the position of Campaign Manager for a 2016 American presidential campaign.
SAMUEL REIDApplied Mathematics Advisor
Samuel Reid is the co-founder of Geometric Energy Corporation. His passion for mathematics, science, and technology helps drive his ambition to contribute towards a sustainable future. Sam is also currently working on his PhD in Pure Mathematics at the University of Calgary. He has won numerous awards for his research in discrete geometry, and has been published several times in academic journals. He is also accomplished in theoretical physics, and has worked as a mathematical physicist at Nemalux LED Lighting. Sam has also been a Chemist with the Thangadurai group at the University of Calgary where he worked on the synthesis of solid state Lithium battery electrolytes.